Our Story

The actual girls behind this amazing, brilliant brand of Haya & Lila have been best friends since they were little; and are now crushing it in the fashion industry! Haya and Lila are originally from the Middle East, and grew up in Dubai until coming to college in the USA. 

After graduating, they moved to NYC following their dreams, zeal, and love for fashion- living and experiencing the New York City unique, urban, glamorous style. It was during that time they decided to merge their own two different contemporary styles & cultural backgrounds together to create… what they call… Fashion with Meaning

Haya & Lila worked with the most talented fashion forward young designers in NYC, Australia, Turkey and Paris. After being completely inspired by their talents, they decided to work with fresh minds who were influenced by the same concepts. 

Their collection is anything but conventional. It stands out. Rebels against societal standards. The motto being…. Never Be Ordinary… as ordinary is when you look to blend in! And Haya and Lila encourage the opposite, wanting women to express their identity and current mood by making bold choices every day. To Stand Out. To Make a Statement. To Never Stop.

Finally, Haya and Lila is the ultimate result, the ultimate culmination of expressing individual fashion by celebrating and empowering female friendships. So please enjoy the adventure!