Who We Are

ShopHaya is based in New York, NY. 

Since inception, ShopHaya has worked with numerous celebrities and fashion models including Bella Hadid, Kaia Gerber, Taylor Swift, Emily Ratajkowski, Sofia Resing

ShopHaya was born out of core belief in the authentic fusion between fashion & identity – “Being confident and bada$ is the new generation of dressing up. Your outfit is your identity and reflective of your current mood. I believe you should always wear your own authentic personality, not the personality and flavor that society wants to give you”.

A rising star in the fashion world, Haya is renowned for empowering women to express their identities authentically through fashion. She is a huge believer that fashion & identity are innately intertwined, and this beautiful fusion often gets overshadowed by societal stereotypes and rigid norms of how women should dress.

Growing up in the Middle East and watching Muslim women and their limited fashion choices had a huge impact on her. As a kid, Haya's outfit choices often stood out from others. She quickly realized that Muslim women aren’t usually invited to the conversation and likely never would be unless they hustled for a seat at the table. One way to do this is to construct a unique identity through fashion in order to stand out and break stereotypes. If women don’t have a voice, they can speak their personalities loudly through fashion.

Moving to the liberal Muslim city of Dubai offered Haya a more fertile and welcoming ground to pursue her passion for fashion. From there she continued to follow her dream by moving to the U.S. to attend one of the most prestigious fashion universities in the country. 

After graduating, Haya moved to New York and gained tremendous experience and knowledge working with some of biggest fashion companies & brands in the world. She quickly found herself becoming a role model for women who were inspired by her style and had the same desire to express their unique identities through fashion.